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What's Included?

Structural Inspection

Including a complete assessment of your roof, wall structure and foundation. This includes evaluation of the attic and crawl space.

Electrical System Inspection

Including electrical panel, line material, grounding, overcurrent protection

and recepticals.

HVAC System Inspection

Inspection of installed equipment including condensing unit, evaporator coil, furnace and ducting lines. The system is evaluated for efficiency by testing temperatures and evaluating sizing and placement of registers.

Plumbing Inspection

Inspection to determine if there are any problems such as leaks or clogged lines. Further evaluation of service and drain line materials, installed fixtures, and water pressure/quality issues.

Roof Inspection

Including roof covering, ventilation, soffit and facia condition. 

Interior Inspection

Inspect kitchen, laundry and bathroom. Includes evaluation of wall & floor coverings, fixtures (tubs, showers, toilets, sinks, etc.) interior doors, smoke & carbon detection devices and other key elements of the home.

Exterior Inspection

Inspect exterior covering, windows, doors, patios and decks to ensure the home offers a weather resistant safe environment.

Site Inspection

Including site grading, driveway and walkways and vegetation. Also, the inspection includes critical elements such as retaining walls, water drainage, a other site specific concerns.

Environmental Inspection*

Additional environmental testing is available for an additional fee including radon, mold and termite inspections.

*See Environmental Inspection - Pricing

Swimming Pool Inspection*

ater quality, liner and surface condition, review of installed equipment (pump, filter, heater, lights, etc.)

*See pricing for pool inspections

Additional Structures

This includes review of detached garages, accessory dwelling units, sheds, and any other onsite structures.

Commercial Inspections

Commercial buildings range widely in construction techniques, structural components, mechanical systems and etc. Call to enquire about your specific project.

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