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Buying a new home is one of the most important decisions people make and we know the process can be overwhelming. Our goal is to alleviate the stress of buying a new home by simply giving our clients the information they need to feel comfortable about their home purchase.

Our clients can expect:

  • Professional service provided by a certified and insured inspector
  • Same day reporting
  • A visual inspection of all mechanical systems (plumbing, electrical, hvac)
  • Thorough assessment and communication
  • Review of all structural, foundation, and roof systems

It is our hope that each client we serve will become a repeat client and refer us to others, therefore, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and provide the best service we can for each client. This is our commitment to our clients! As a result, we are confident each client will receive a reliable assessment of real estate.  

Call us today to schedule your home inspection appointment (909) 580-0644.


Thorough Assessment

A complete assessment from the roof to the foundation.


In depth Analysis

Some issues are more difficult to locate than others. We are committed to a thorough analysis of your home.


Accurate Reporting

The final report is the road map to decision making. Some defects may require immediate action, while other issues may require future maintenance.

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